About Us

Meet Aaliyah Arnold, the 18 year old Founder and CEO of BossUpCosmetics! 

Aaliyah began her entrepreneurial journey when she was just 9 years old! Her first business, "Sticky business", sold various accessories such as wallets, phone cases and purses. All made out of duct tape and being sold at school. 

At age 11, Aaliyah opened her first official online store, "Tropical Slimes", a slime business on Etsy! During that time, she received more than a couple hundred orders. Aaliyah ran Tropical Slimes until she was 13 years old. Ultimately deciding to close down after losing interest in the product.

In 2018 Aaliyah missed the feeling of running a business and knew what her next passion project would be, lip gloss. 

At age 14, Aaliyah started her 2nd official online store, "BossGlossCosmetics" (Known today as BossUpCosmetics) Where she sold lipglosses ranging in a variety of different shades and colors.

Aaliyah continued to grow her brand, expanding her initial product range of glosses to eyelashes and eyeshadow pallets. Aaliyah’s passion for lipgloss started to expand into other areas in cosmetics. Aaliyah knew her brand was not based solely on gloss anymore. Aaliyah felt her business name should reflect that growing interest as well. In 2019 she made the big decision to change her name from BossGlossCosmetics to the name we know today BossUpCosmetics

BossUp goes went viral! 

In December of 2021, with the overwhelming online support, Aaliyah couldn't do it on her own any longer. Her mother, Wendy, quit her corporate job to help run BossUp with her daughter! Our favorite duo partnered together to the BossUp we know and love today.

BossUpCosmetics sells Lip Gloss, Liquid Lipsticks, Blushes, Highlighters, Lashes, Eyeshadow Palettes, Apparel, Accessories, Skin care, and our most recent product Mama’s Cups! BossUpCosmetics is growing everyday, but it couldn’t have been done without the help of her wonderful supporters, Bossies.

BossUpCosmetics is a Black-Latina and Christian business based in Houston, Texas (Central Time Zone). You can catch Aaliyah on TikTok Live! Mornings for her Get Ready With Me or watch evening Live as she packages orders or is filling gloss!