About Us

Meet Aaliyah Arnold the 16 year old CEO of BossUpCosmetics.


Aaliyah began her entrepreneur journey when she was just 9 years old! Having her small business that she called "Sticky business" where she would sell products such as wallets, phone cases and purses made out of duct tape and sell them at school!

Fast forward a few years, at just 11 years old Aaliyah opened her first official business "Tropical slimes" Where she would make and sell slime in her Etsy store! In the end she brought in hundreds of sales. Aaliyah continued this brand till she was 13 years old but ultimately decided to closed down after getting bored and growing out of it.

In 2018 Aaliyah missed the feeling of running a business and wanted to do something, that she not only loved but was passionate about. When one day the idea of selling homemade lipgloss came to mind.

At 14 years old Aaliyah started her 2nd official brand "Bossglosscosmetics" (Known today as BossUpCosmetics) Where she sold lipglosses of so many colors and shades.

Aaliyah continued to grow her brand, and expanding her product range from just glosses to eyelashes and eyeshadow pallets. Aaliyah knew her brand was not based solely on gloss anymore and she wanted her Business name to reflect that as well. In 2019 she made the big decision to change her name from bossglosscosmetics to the name and brand we know today BossUpCosmetics. 

Now she sells Gloss, lashes, eyeshadow pallets, Press on nails, and Skin care! She and her brand are growing everyday, with the help of her wonderful supporters.


Every Order, follows, like, comment, truly does not go unrecognized. Im truly blessed to be where I am now and it wouldn't be because of you guys. From the bottom of my heart thank you.